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Learn to ride on our friendly horses and pony’s

Myhre Gård is the perfect place to learn to ride or develop your riding skills. We have a large, heated indoor arena, a floodlit outdoor area, and great trekking routes starting from the riding center.


Beginners / intermediate / Advanced


Whole year course, 30 hrs: 6000,- kr Half year course, 15 hrs: 3000,-kr

Customers who book the whole year course before week 36, get a 10% discount: 5400,- kr

Sibling discount -10% per 2nd, 3rd (etc) sibling

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We offer lessons in dressage, jumping, driving and eventing. We also teach horse care and give lectures on equine related topics. We offer courses for all ages; from toddlers to adults. From beginners to more experienced riders.

For the youngest riders we teach through fun, games and activities. We go out for short treks around the farm which helps teach the youngsters to be confident and safe around the horses.

We have many different horse breeds at our riding center, from warmbloods and sport ponies, to Norwegian horses; like the Dolahorse, Nordlands horse and the Norwegian fjord horse.

We also arrange weekend courses and organize competitions. The competitions provide a goal for the riders to train towards throughout the season.

Our riding school year follows the academic school calendar.

We start classes in September, week 36, and finish in the end of May. You can choose either a half-year course (15 hrs) or a whole-year course (30 hrs). Each riding lesson is 45 mins long.

Prices: Half year course (week 36 to week 4, or week 5 to week 21) NOK 3000,-. Whole year course (week 36 to week 21) NOK 6000,-. 

Please note that there is no riding classes held in the autumn holiday, week 40, December, week 1 (after New Year), winter holiday in week 9, and the Easter holiday.

Here is the schedule for the 2019 season

16:00: Monday Novice and Tuesday Novice 1
17:00: Monday Toddlers and Tuesday Beginner
18:00: Monday Novice, Tuesday Novice 1 and Wednesday Beginner
19:00: Monday Advanced Youth/Adults and Tuesday Novice 2
20:00: Monday Novice Youth/Adults and Tuesday Advanced Youth/Adults

Register by completing the form on our booking online platform. Fill out the form as much as you can. The registration must be in writing and binding for the period you have signed up for. Ride courses are billed once per year. Payment can be divided into 4 installments. We reserve the right to make changes to groups and schedules during the riding school year.

Level description


For the little ones. It is expected that a parent/guardian can assist in leading the child’s horse. Training will be given on how to lead the horse. From 3 years.


For those who have never ridden before. It’s useful if a parent/guardian can help to lead the horse in walk and trot.

Novice 1:

Must be able to trot in control without a leader.

Novice 2:

Must be able to control the horse independently in trot and canter.


Must be able to control and influence the direction and gait of a horse in canter.

Jumping / Dressage

On request.

Building on these basic courses. We offer different levels of these courses which can be discussed further upon booking.

Disabled Riding

On request

Suitable for riders with a physical and/or mental disability.

We can offer anything from riding lessons or sessions on grooming and getting to know the horses.

Terms and Conditions

Former customers have the chance to secure their place on the riding courses first, but they must confirm before 1st June. After this date we open up riding school places to new students. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

We have helmets for loan. Back protectors are required when jumping or cross-country.

All students will receive information on their first riding school session regarding recommended clothes / shoes for use in the stables and during riding lessons.

Horseback riding and activities in the stables takes place at your own risk.

Myhre Farm has liability insurance.


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