Cowboy for a Day

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Perfect for company gatherings, team building events, bachelor parties or simply a fun day activity for a group of friends

Test your limits, have an adventure, and feel like a cowboy for a day!

This tour will bring you closer to horses and nature. The pace of the trip is matched to the riding experience of the participants


On request


Beginners / intermediate / Advanced


Prices from 1550,- kr pp

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Trip program

Your guide will meet you at the farm and get you kitted-up with the necessary equipment and assign everyone a horse for the day. To be a real cowboy you need to know how to groom and saddle your horse, that`s the first test! We then pack our saddlebags, mount the horses and head into the mountains.

Halfway through the trip we stop to make a day camp. Sitting on reindeer skins, we light a camp fire for which we use to make coffee and cook our cowboy meal.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy the warmth of the fire, listen to the horses grazing around you, and enjoy some good cowboy stories from your guide.

Our experienced guides will help and instruct you along the ride, so no previous riding experience is needed. The difficultly of the tour, will be adjusted to the group.

«Cowboy for a day» can be booked any time of the year. But for the ultimate cowboy experience make a reservation in the end of October, where we will end the tour in a real Cowboy party at the farm. With live cowboy music. Check out Cowboy for an evening.


Stay in our cabins at the farm. Wake up enjoying your morning coffee in an authentic environment (remember to pre-book).

What’s included

Experienced guide and equipment needed, hot drinks and a cowboy meal.

What to bring

Please read our recommendations here on how to dress for a riding tour.

Who can join

This tour is for all ages. From 4 years old to adults.

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